A Look into the JFS Counseling Program

For over 75 years, Jewish Family Service of Greater New Haven has successfully provided counseling to individuals and families throughout the community.  Regardless of religious background, race, or stage of life, JFS works tirelessly to get people back on their feet, leading them through difficult times and giving them the strength to carry on with their everyday lives.  Currently, JFS offers child and adult counseling and will soon offer support groups to help those facing challenges such as loss and bereavement, parenting issues and family caregivers’ support.

“Rebecca (name has been changed for confidentiality purposes) called JFS as she felt stressed and noticed that she was experiencing anxiety in every area of her life,” recalls Gayle Daskal, LCSW, a social worker on the agency’s dedicated team. “I let her express her concerns and we explored the roots of her stress and the connection it had to the increased anxiety she was feeling.  Together we worked to establish goals for stress and anxiety reduction. Rebecca learned mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and began using meditation applications such as The Calm App and Insight Timer between her weekly sessions.  With these newly acquired skills and her commitment to practice these techniques, Rebecca found effective ways of coping and managing her stress, which in turn helped her anxiety symptoms in everyday life.”

Although all cases are different, Rebecca is a great example of what the agency strives to provide to anyone who reaches out.  “At times, we all need guidance and change begins with a phone call,” commented Director of the Mental Health Clinic, Margaliet Ligtenstein, LCSW.  “It is very fulfilling to help people work hard toward their goals and thrive again in their everyday lives.”

In recent months, JFS has received requests for such services as parenting teens and support for family caregivers of the elderly.  To this end, JFS plans to offer Jewish Family Life Enrichment (JFLE) Programs addressing these needs in the community.  Please see accompanying program information.

If you or a loved one can benefit from JFS’ services, reach out by calling (203) 389-5599 ext. 105 or email ml@jfsnh.org.  You can also visit the agency’s website at www.jfsnh.org to stay up to date on new support groups.

Find additional program information here: Family Life Enrichment Fall 2019