Holocaust Survivors Program

The Holocaust Survivors Program at JFSGNH focuses on helping survivors remain in their own homes and out of institutional care, for as long as possible. Some of the ways in which we support Holocaust survivors include…

  • Case Management
  • Emergency Assistance with Unexpected Expenses
  • Ongoing Assistance with the cost of Home Care
  • Assistance with Applications for Reparations and Compensation Programs sponsored by Germany and other formerly Nazi-Occupied Nations.
  • Use of the JFSGNH Food Pantry & Nutritional Health Center

Funding for this program is provided in large part by the Claims Conference, the single largest organization in the world working to secure compensation, restitution and assistance for survivors of the Holocaust. Donations from individuals and foundations also help us support survivors. For further information about the Holocaust Survivors Program, survivors and their families can contact Amanda Skelton at (203) 389-5599, ext. 108 or email at askelton@jfsnh.org.