Rabbinic Wednesdays at the JFS Food Pantry

Rabbi Hesch Sommer Once a month, the JFS Food Pantry and Nutritional Health Center hosts “Rabbinic Wednesdays.” Organized by Rabbis Hesch Sommer and Steve Steinberg, local rabbis from the Greater New Haven area volunteer at the JFS Food Pantry. Rabbinic Wednesdays are an opportunity for individuals who utilize the services of the Pantry to meet and interact with the rabbis as the rabbis model an aspect of “tikkun olam.” The rabbis get involved in the hands-on operations of the Pantry, including greeting clients, stocking shelves, bagging groceries and assisting with storing and distributing fresh and frozen foods. “We hope that our rabbinic participation will spread the word to the Jewish community of the importance of supporting the JFS Food Pantry,” commented Rabbi Sommer. Pictured are Rabbi Hesch Sommer working the frozen and fresh produce area, and Rabbis Jon-Jay Tilsen and Steve Steinberg stocking shelves.