The Permanency Placement Services Program (PPSP), through a contract with the Connecticut Department of Children & Families (DCF) offers JFSGNH the opportunity to provide services that are geared toward promoting permanency for a child or siblings in DCF care.  Services are primarily provided by Master’s Level clinical staff.  We help achieve permanency through:

  • Supportive Services for Kinship Care
  • Family Reunification
  • Therapeutically Supervised Visits
  • Case Mining and Identifying of Permanent Resources
  • Stabilization of Pre-adoptive Placements
  • Lifebooks

JFSGNH utilizes the Permanency Teaming and the 3-5-7 models, as well as the Parent Coaching approach for reunification cases. Services take place in the family’s home, in the community or in the JFS office.

The PPSP contract identifies the following service categories:
• Recruitment and Screening
• Homestudy/Evaluation
• Placement Planning
• Post Placement Supervision
• Reunification Services
• Supervision after Reunification

A referral can be made only by DCF or one of its area offices through a PPSP service agreement. For any questions, please call Margaliet Ligtenstein, LCSW, at (203) 389-5599 extension 105 or email

Adoption Assistance Program
JFSGNH provides post-adoption services through the University of Connecticut and DCF-funded Adoption Assistance Program (AAP). Our Case Manager provides case management services to adoptive families and to families formed through a transfer of guardianship. Services can be accessed through the Adoption Assistance Program at toll free number 860-679-4006 or you may call Margaliet Ligtenstein, LCSW at 203-389-5599, ext. 105 or email her at